Friday, July 06, 2007

Prescription Drug Abuse Poses Danger for Youths

Alcohol and marijuana are the traditional intoxicants of choice for young people. Experts are reporting that another dangerous group of drugs, prescription drugs, are becoming increasingly common amongst youths. Read about this.

This past week, Al Gore III was arrested with a smattering of prescription drugs and some marijuana in his possession. Prescription drugs are apparently easy to get a hold of since many youths and their parents are prescribed these drugs legally. Often people don't finish their prescriptions and that leaves the door open for resale and abuse.

Hopefully anti-drug campaigns will recognize this major shift and will respond accordingly. The article cited above indicates that youths often don't deem prescription drugs as dangerous as alcohol and marijuana because prescriptions are provided by doctors. Abuse of these prescription drugs -- even by someone for whom the prescription is proscribed -- is very dangerous. The article also indicate that many youths do not know what pills they are taking. This can lead to the combination of incompatible drugs.

I hope that schools and other government organizations can shift their message to ensure that youths know the dangers they face if they abuse prescription drugs. Likewise I hope that parents recognize the dangers their medicine cabinets pose.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what if people use drugs. Mankind’s abuse of guns is far worse than drug abuse will ever be. How many people die from drugs annually and how many die from guns. I am sure you will find that guns kill far more. The war on drugs must end. Criminalizing drugs was the biggest mistake ever for this county. Drug abuser should not be punished and lock up. They should be treated for their addiction. The war on drugs is the biggest waste of tax dollars. Police should be after violent offenders not people abusing drugs. The only reason this is an issue is because of all the money to be made in both selling and preventing drug abuse. We spend billions every year to prevent drugs and this has been going on for over 40 years. What results do we have to show other than a substantial increase in the prison population and billions of dollars spent?

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